Paul Huxley, Kings Cross Station

Artist Paul Huxley’s development and final designs for the Northern and Piccadilly line underground platforms for King’s Cross St Pancras Station, completed in 1986.

“I wanted the concept to be consistent with the tradition and functions of the interior structure and work in sympathy with the architectural character of the space such as it was.  So I decided to use the most commonly used materials, ceramic tiles, and make sure the colours I used would relate well to the existing 1930s cream and blue tiles in the adjoining passageways.  Working with the London Underground resident architectural team Harry Rambissoon and Alan Spehnjak, we appointed Githa Jóns-Wells of Tessera Tiles to produce a range of finely modulated ceramic glazes on a robust red clay tile.

 King’s Cross St Pancras is London’s largest terminal for main line travel to the north and down below in the tube people travel the length of the long narrow platforms both on foot and at speed in arriving and departing trains.  I decided to reflect this travel and movement aspect by making a gradation of colour from one end of each platform to the other and to pace out a series of feature panels at rhythmic intervals with related and developing patterns rather like frames of an animated abstract film.  The panels were abstract designs which were encrypted with the simple initial letters, a K and a +.  Since my paintings often deal with sequences of developing shapes with comparisons between two sides of the same painting, the solution was totally consistent with my painterly interests.”


Delighted to find my identity for Honest Burgers on the shortlist for this year’s Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. The awards will be announced at RIBA on the 6 September, looking forward to the big night.

Diva stationery

Fig. 1  Whitney Houston, 1988
Fig.2  Marilyn Monroe, 1958
Fig.3  Shirley Temple, 1936
Fig.4  Rita Hayworth, 1940
Fig.5  Jackie Collins, 2002
Fig.6  Madonna, 1994 

A collection of Diva letterheads, beautifully bold via the fabulous resource Letterheady.

Einstein on the beach

Twenty years since its last production, Einstein on the Beach, an opera in Four Acts by Robert Wilson and Philip Glass comes to a close this weekend at the Barbican. First performed on July 25, 1976, it is Glass’s first– and at five hours in its entirity, his longest opera score.

“Widely credited as one of the greatest artistic achievements of the 20th century, Einstein on the Beach breaks all of the rules of conventional opera. Instead of a traditional orchestral arrangement, Glass chose to compose the work for the synthesisers, woodwinds and voices of the Philip Glass Ensemble. Non-narrative in form, the work uses a series of powerful recurrent images as its main storytelling device shown in juxtaposition with abstract dance sequences created by American choreographer Lucinda Childs. It is structured in four interconnected acts and divided by a series of short scenes or “knee plays”. Taking place over five hours, there is no intermission, however the audience is invited to enter and exit at liberty during the performance.”  The Barbican.

For more information, tickets and recordings visit the Barbican site. Go, go, go!


Gif greats

“Pitching a bunch of concepts that nobody likes”

For anybody working in a creative studio, you will find joy in This Advertising Life. Perfect pairings of witty copy and hilariours gifs centered around “the emotions of life in Advertising”. 

D&AD winning

Just discovered that my way finding work for the studio has made it into this year’s 2012 D&AD book, the winning ampersands can be seen here. In collaboration with my pal Simon.

Easter engravings

‘Die Eier der Vögel Deutschlands und der benachbarten Länder in naturgetreuen Abbildungen und Beschreibungen’ by self-taught etcher and engraver Johann Friedrich Naumann, 1818.

An Easter feast for the eyes, hand-coloured bird egg engravings via the ever inspirational BibliOdyssey.



A collection of illustrated Frontispieces and Title Pages from William Earl Johns’ (1893–1968) books. View the full collection and covers here, W.E.Johns.

Honest Burgers goes live

The Honest Burgers website that I designed and art directed went live today. Inspired by the restaurants flow diagram Menu design and its simple bold aesthetic. Let’s hope it helps them sell EVEN more burgers. Check it out here.

Andrea Spotorno II

… Andreas Potorno.